Leave it to me.

Keep your site looking marvelous and working like a champ with a membership subscription. For $49/month, you receive:


1. Easy updates

I'll take care of replacing photos, adding text, or making other small updates at no additional charge. (Includes up to two 30-minute tasks or one 1-hour task per month.)


2. support & Advice

If you have any questions about your website or its workings, including emails you may receive from Squarespace or your registrar (should I pay this, or is it a scam?!), I’m here to help! 


3. Regular site checkups

I’ll review your site twice a year to make sure it’s looking and working great and recommend changes if needed.


Whenever you have a question or request, just send me an email. Within 5 business days (usually much less) I’ll answer your question, offer advice, and/or make site updates. In the event that your request is more extensive than a 1-hour task, I’ll send an estimate for your approval.

You can cancel at any time (password: stop), no hard feelings.

For Squarespace clients only at this time.