Wellness Changer

Squarespace Website for a nutritional therapy practitioner

Squarespace web design for a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Wellness Changer is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner based in Austin, Texas. Her website was several years old and Jeanne wanted a new, clean and simple site she could update herself. The new website features a blog with embedded videos and will soon have a virtual classroom behind a paywall. Squarespace was the perfect platform to accomplish all her must-haves. We started with a Brine family template (Sofia) and loved the font pairing, so preserved that styling but worked with the other style tweaks to customize the site for her.

I’m so pleased with how the new site is so professional but still easy for me to add to. You are a magician!
— Jeanne

blog with custom graphics

We used Canva to create custom blog graphics that serve triple duty: custom thumbnail videos, blog post thumbnails, and tall graphics perfect for Pinterest within the blog post. Creating one graphic and moving the image focal point gave us the perfect amount of customization without the time consuming task of creating separate graphics for each use.

Blog graphic for Wellness Changer.

custom css

We used a bit of Custom CSS on this site. One pet peeve of mine is that the Newsletter submit button font doesn’t automatically adjust to match the other buttons on your Squarespace site. So on this website, I added a line of custom code to set the newsletter form button font to Minerva Modern, then adjusted the font size, weight, and letter spacing to match the other buttons on the site.