Squarespace Image Optimization

A mini course on best practices for Squarespace image optimization.

In this course we’ll be walking through how to optimize images both for file size and for SEO. These were changes I made on my own website last year - they were a crucial part of my SEO strategy and paid off in my site ranking on Google’s first page for “Squarespace web designer.” While I can’t guarantee your site will rank higher (there are NO guarantees in SEO), I can promise that following these steps will improve the overall health of your website, as well as improve site load time.

Get the guidance you need to ensure your images are helping rather than hindering your website. I’ll also share my favorite sources for free and paid stock photos, mockup, and illustrations.


Module 1: The Basics

  • Why you should never use the built-in Unsplash integration.

  • What file formats you should be using for different types of images.

  • Where to find the images you need.

Module 2: image file size

  • Best practices for image dimensions and image resolution.

  • How to reduce file size even further.

  • Best practices for total image file size on a page.

Module 3: file names and alt text

  • Best practices for naming your image files.

  • What alternative text is and how to use it to improve SEO.

  • Specific alt text best practices for different Squarespace image types.

bonus tips

  • Why you don’t want to add text to images before uploading.

  • How to make stock photos look professional on your website.

Optimizing Images for Squarespace Checklist

+ receive a downloadable checklist for you to reference while working on your website


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