Changing the Content Padding in Galapagos Theme

Changing the content padding in the Squarespace Galapagos theme.

The Squarespace Galapagos theme is a great theme for quickly getting an online store up and running. What it misses in styling options, it makes up for with its minimalism. However, sometimes it’s nice to change a thing or two to make a template your own.

One tweak that is great to have control over is the Content Padding. In Galapagos, for example, there is a large gap between the Content and the Footer. This extra spacing is simple to remove with a little Custom CSS.

extra space in the Squarespace Galapagos template

The default value in the Galapagos template is 120px of spacing between the bottom of the content block and the top of the footer. To change that, we’ll add a line of code in the Design > Custom CSS panel.

Custom CSS panel in Squarespace
Changing the spacing in the Galapagos template to remove padding between the content and footer.

Just copy the code below and paste it into Custom CSS and save. I’ve changed the padding to 20px, but you can play with that value until you get the look you want:

/* change padding between the content and footer */
.content-container {
    padding-bottom: 20px;

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